87th Panthers BPSA Scouting Group
87th Panthers BPSA Scouting Group

  • Want to join?

    We would love to have you...

    We really are an all inclusive scouting group. We believe the only requirements needed to join us are a love for the outdoors and adventure. 

    Our Sections

    We are broken down based on your age, and we have a section for every age.  

    • The Chipmunks- This is our youngest section.  Up to 5 years old, our youngest scouters are always welcome with a parent. They wear a yellow T-shirt and hat.
    • The Otters- Our first official section, Otters are made up of scouters between the ages of 5 to 7. These scouts are in red.
    • The Timberwolves- Timberwolves are  in grey, and are between 8 and 11 years old.
    • The Pathfinders- These are our teen scouters, and go from 12 till 17 years old.
    • The Rovers- All scouts over 18 (pending background check, of course).


    We have an annual $85 fee for all scouts, with exception to Chipmunks, which are $15. 

    There are no monthly fee's, and the annual fee covers all the cost of the following:

    Uniform- The shirt, and hat (Pathfinders and Rovers pay for their hats if they choose to wear them).  Shorts, pants and footwear are the responsibility of  the scout (or parent).

    Badges, Patches, Woggles, and Neckers: Being a traditional scouting organization, we wear a uniform that includes devices for your accomplishments.  

    Books and Guides: Printed Manuals are available for free downloaded from the BPSA website, but we provide a printed copy of the  manual for the Otters through the Rovers a printed copy.  

    There will occasionally be extra cost that will be used to cover an outing or event, but this will be discussed prior to the event happening.


    Here are our sign-up forms for downloading.  Once filled out, please either bring them to your first meeting, or email them to GSM Allen (GsmAllen@87thPanthers.com)

    BPSA 87th Panthers - Parent Information (docx)


    Juvenile Sign Up (docx)


    Adult Sign Up (docx)